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Brailliac makes learning Braille fast, free, and fun

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Braille Tutor

Everything you need to learn Braille!

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Look up symbols quickly and easily, across various Braille codes

Screenshot of the Dictionary feature in the app


Pick exactly what to drill, or let the app figure out your weak-points

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Compete in translations against the clock

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Translate real sentences both to and from Braille

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Level Up

Earn points while learning to unlock new features and themes

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Braille Keyboard

Practise Braille while typing!

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Braille Input

Type Braille cells directly into any text field, in any app

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Or, automatically translate symbols as you type

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At any time

No matter what you’re typing, do it while practising Braille

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Pick the perfect keyboard size to fit your screen

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Brailliac was created by Luke Needham, to make learning Braille more accessible and enjoyable.

You can learn all about me at